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Beautiful dreamer

When we describe something as ‘dreamy’ or being ‘dream-like’ it usually means it’s some kind of wonderful. But are the dreams we dream at nighttime really always so wonderful?

Scientists believe we all dream between three and six times each night. For all those dreams you think we’d know more about them, but in most cases we don’t remember them. If and when we do remember them though they can feel so real can’t they? That’s because when we’re asleep our dreams are completely immersive and the only reality that exists for us in the there and then.

Whatever we still don’t know about our dream worlds, we do know that often the nights when our sleep is most disturbed is the nights we remember the most of our dreams. Whether this is because we’ve woken up mid-dream or because sleep disturbance causes us to dream more is interesting to ponder. Either way it’s fair to say that hours of tossing and turning interspersed with snippets of strange and sometimes upsetting hallucinations is not the most ‘dreamy’ experience. 

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