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Beauty spot

The beauty spot. Cindy Crawford has one. Eva Mendes too. Goldie Hawn was famous for hers. And no one glamorised the beauty spot more so than the ageless beauty and glamour of Marilyn Monroe.

At Millbrook Beds we’re a fan of the beauty spot and, what’s more, our mattresses have a beauty spot of their own too. It’s not a black mark or a manufacturing fault, it’s a purposely designed and hand-tufted beauty spot. And, beautiful though it may be, there’s also a secret meaning behind our beauty spot.

The single black tuft that appears on our mattresses is to indicate a mattress made using an extra special filling: Hampshire Wool. The black tuft indicates Hampshire Wool as each breed of sheep have their own characteristic features, and Hampshire sheep breeds are recognisable because of their black faces.

So, wherever you see a single black tuft displayed on our mattresses, remember it’s an indication that mattress is made using beautiful quality and locally sourced Hampshire Wool.

Sleep beautifully with a luxurious handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds.