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Bedtime bribes

Summertime means longer days; longer days mean more time for adventures.

Most parents love to see their children able to make the most of the lighter evenings having adventures and playing games that aren’t available to them at other times of the year.

Early evening cricket, dusky hours making the most of the day’s den-building efforts or water fights on warm evenings, there’s plenty to keep kids from their beds in the summer months.

And keeping bedtime isn’t only a problem in the summer months. As children grow, so their lives become packed with activities, clubs and interests that eek out every last few minutes of the day bending normal routines and stretching bedtimes. It’s no wonder a little bribery has to be employed now and then to re-establish bedtime routines.

However you bribe your child, one of the best ways to encourage your child to want to go to bed is by giving them a good quality mattress to sleep on. As children grow and their weight increases, so the comfort and quality of their bed will become increasingly important. The more we weigh, the more support our body and spine needs and the more discomfort we will experience if our body and spine are not adequately supported.

Parents know that experience counts and, as we’ve been hand-making our fine natural beds for 70 years at Millbrook Beds, you can count on our experience to put your family’s sleep needs first.

So let the bedtime bribes begin as the summer rolls on, but remember the best bribe of all is a snuggly comfortable bed your kids will love to sleep in.