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Bedtime = me-time

How many moments of your day are solely focussed on bringing you comfort? We’re willing to bet there aren’t many.

Our lives are generally shaped around work and families and, as such, our days comprise of everything that needs to happen to make both our work lives and our family lives run as smoothly and with as least interference as possible. Shopping, cooking, organising, cleaning, commuting, activities…at any given moment we can readily summon the next task to mind – thoughts of taking time to rest or to do something without purpose rarely come into play.

So, for most people, bedtime represents a unique opportunity to hit the ‘off’ switch. It’s often the first time in the day we allow ourselves time off from working, being useful and the endless ‘business of doing’. Bedtime has all the promise of being unadulterated me-time, if we let it.

But because handheld technology enables us to extend the ‘business of doing’ working hours around the clock and into any environment, we have to be intentional about our me-time, otherwise it can easily become extinct in our lives altogether.

Experts often talk about banning technology before bedtime to avoid blue light interfering with our sleep, but there’s an argument to say that we just need to have a clearer association between flipping the switch from technology and general ‘on’ time, to our ‘off’ setting. Chances are, those of us that aren’t doing this very well will soon begin to count the cost in our sleep quality (if we’re not already doing so).

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