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Christmas and full bellies go hand in hand. There’s no mystery surrounding that bellyful feeling as we lean back on the sofa after Christmas dinner unable to sit fully upright owing to the fact that we were unable to say no to the Christmas pudding! But the unmistakable and unavoidable sleepiness that comes over us when we have a bellyful, that’s more of a mystery.

Why do we always seem to feel so sleepy on a full belly?

In fact, the answer to this sleepy mystery has to do with the hormonal effect of eating on our brains. When we eat, our brain releases serotonin (also known as the happy chemical) – so it’s no wonder we gain so much enjoyment from our turkey dinner! However serotonin can also make us feel drowsy, and this effect is exacerbated by the fact the serotonin transforms to become melatonin (the sleep hormone) which has the effect of reducing your alertness.

So, if you’ve had a glass of wine with dinner and you’re being made to watch someone else’s choice of Christmas telly, you can be forgiven for a snooze, in fact it seems it’s almost a physiological fait accompli!

An excuse for a Christmas Day; our gift to you this Christmas! 

Happy Christmas from everyone here at Millbrook Beds….