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Best defence

Tired bodies aren’t well armed bodies.

If you have a ‘prevention is better than cure’ mentality then you’ll want to give yourself the best chances of fighting off the winter’s colds, flus and viruses by properly recharging your body. How? By first taking good care of your sleep.

Look after yourself this winter when you look after your sleep with these simple steps:

Eat and drink to the regimen of your sleep. Your body’s a machine, the good function of one part relies on the good function of the other; don’t fill up on spicy, fatty food late at night and expect it not to affect your sleep.

Keep to a strict(ish) bedtime routine. Okay, you’re not a child so you can set your own bedtime. But follow your body’s bedtime cues and, if you don’t have any routine, follow a basic set of regular actions at bedtime – you might be surprised how quickly your body recognises these cues and how much more easily you fall asleep.

Make sure your bed is up to the task. We can’t expect the best from our sleep if we don’t give our bodies the best equipment for sleep: a good quality bed.

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