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Best forgotten 

Let’s face it, some days are best forgotten.

Mistakes were made. Lies were told. Fear got the better of us. Things were lost… There are many reasons why we can wish for a day to be over and – on those days especially – bedtime can’t seem to come soon enough. 

And isn’t the magical forgetful effect of sleep an undervalued thing? We go to bed with the weight of the world on our shoulders surrendering to physical and mental exhaustion only to awaken the next morning having escaped to some extent, if not completely, from the problems that held us captive yesterday.

In its very essence if that’s not a great enough reason in itself to nourish our sleep, we don’t know what is. Sleep is wonderful, nourish it and cherish it with luxurious sleep from Millbrook Beds. 

Our range of mattresses and beds are handcrafted using master craftsmanship techniques passed down through the generations of our family run company. And heritage isn’t all that’s on offer, comfort abounds with thousand upon thousands of individually nested pocket springs topped off with sumptuous layers of luxurious fillings including Hampshire Wool, English cotton, cashmere, silk and bamboo.

Put your troubles to bed for the day when you tuck up in the luxurious comfort of #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.