No matter how great your mates are, a high proportion of pet owners would still identify their pet as their best friend – their dogs especially.

It’s a fact evident from the increasing demand for sentimental gifts available for pets, with US news outlets reporting that pet owners Stateside are spending a whopping $1.7 billion on their pets just for Valentines Day alone*. And this week will see some owners celebrate Love Your Pet Day 2020 as the campaign encourages owners to mark the day by spending extra time with your pet, making a new toy, arranging a special treat or letting your pet sleep alongside you.

And this is a topic that divides even the most dedicated pet owners: to co-sleep or to no co-sleep with your pet…now that is the question. So much so, sleep experts at The Sleep Council include advice on their website on the subject that would suggest, when it comes to your sleep quality, that there are potentially more drawbacks to co-sleeping with your pet than there are benefits. Read their advice in full here:

Sometimes even the best relationships need space and, for you and your pet, bedtime might be that time.