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Botanical bedroom

Whether you’re the type of person that talks to your plants or not, fresh greenery and the colour green generally can have a calming and refreshing effect on our senses.

For these reasons and more, green is a great choice to influence the colour palette for your bedroom – calming greens at bedtime, refreshing greens on waking, get greener still with botanical inspired styling.

Creating a light and breathable feel for your bedroom is easier than you might think with well chosen greenery. Adding plants (as in actual real living oxygen-producing plants!) and miss-matching botanical patterns with green and earthy toned wall colours and textiles can quickly piece together to create a 24/7 fresh feeling environment. Natural textures such as raw edge wood or rattan furnishings and linen or hessian textiles can add that finishing touch to the look.

And as bedtime nears, beneath the covers of your luxury Millbrook Bed, lie yet more botanicals to keep the theme going. Handmade using some of the finest natural fillings available including English cotton and bamboo specially chosen for their naturally exquisite softness, a Millbrook Bed is the natural choice for naturally refreshing sleep.