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Breathing space

For many people, a sense of claustrophobia has characterised their lockdown experience. Overcrowded public places may feel like a distant memory, but they’ve instead been replaced by crowded homes with all the stresses of home working and home schooling thrown that feel just as overwhelming – if not more.

Finding some time and some space to breathe is crucial to maintaining our sense of equilibrium.

Essential to our wellness, the way we breathe matters. When we breathe well, we’re better able to manage our emotions, to concentrate and to feel less stressed as we go about our day. Laying on our beds, relaxing with a book or podcast, is some of the best breathing space on offer in homes right now that have fewer sanctuary spaces than they once did. 

At Millbrook Beds, our luxury mattresses are handmade using individually pocket nested springs for comfort and unique support – and they’re also made to breathe. 

Using breathable natural fillings is an important part of what makes our mattresses naturally luxurious. Luxuriously soft and breathable fillings such as Hampshire Wool, English Fine Cotton, silk and bamboo fibre help maintain a comfortable temperature through the night and allow your mattress (and your body) to breathe.

Make time and space to breathe in naturally luxurious comfort with Millbrook Beds.