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Brilliant by design

Have you ever noticed how the most brilliant inventions are based on the simplest ideas? Take the humble spring.

Who could ever have foreseen what a difference it would make to our world to coil a length of metal? A simple spring provides resistance in equal measure to the force it receives, no energy source required. How many new fangled inventions can boast that feat of physics?

At the heart of every handmade bed and handmade mattress we make at Millbrook Beds is a spring, or to be precise, up to 14000 of them.

As a company that works to preserve the ideals of the traditional hand bed making process, it’s not surprising that Millbrook Beds keeps things simple and traditional when it comes to the use of pocket nested springs. The design properties of a spring to resist force means that the pocket spring has no competitor in our eyes when it comes to providing the best enduring support, night after night, for your body and spine.

Feel what a difference a pocket sprung bed could make to your sleep comfort when you try out a luxury handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds at one of our retail partners near you.