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Bring up

We most often describe the process of parenting as ‘bringing up’ or ‘raising’ children. That’s because parenting is more than just nurturing the needs of children so they grow physically, it’s about bring them ‘up’, ‘raising’ them from who they are now to the adults they will become.

And today (Sunday 17th May) as the U.K. marks National Children’s Day, it’s a good day to think about what it means to ‘bring up’ our kids. It’s a day to share the activities of the wonderful organisations that protect and promote the wellbeing of children and young people throughout the U.K. and – in 2020 – it’s also going to be a chance for children and families to share what they’ve learned in recent months. Find out more about NCDUK2020 and how to get involved here: https://www.nationalchildrensdayuk.com

Right now, with so much in flux, many people have sought to find ways to maintain some level of routine for their children of course to keep them occupied, but more importantly to help them feel secure. Maintaining positive sleep routines is part of this.

Even as adults sleep is a fundamental part of our toolkit to cope physically and emotionally what life throws at us – this is even more evident in children. So keep your children feeling lifted up emotionally and physically in this strange time by helping them get the sleep they need.

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