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But first, sleep

The coffee lovers among you will no doubt recognise that we’ve substituted the word ‘coffee’ for ‘sleep’ here, because how often is it that we give sleep anything approaching first place in our lives?

As things gets going again it doesn’t take long for life to once again feel like a succession of competing factors on our time. Commitments to work, family, friends, volunteering and exercise take precedence over the time we have to put our feet up even for five minutes – let alone finding eight hours to sleep. Indeed it’s funny how we talk about ‘giving in’ to sleep, as if it’s an inconvenience to be delayed as long as possible.

We wouldn’t expect equipment to keep running without sufficient charge. Therefore in a similar vein we should see sleep for what it is: an essential re-charging process for our bodies and minds. With positive sleep, and we’re charged up and ready to go of a morning. Too little sleep, and we’ll begin to run out of charge sooner the next day.

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