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But we said we’d go…

Ever get that feeling that you’d much rather stay home than go ahead with the evening plans you’ve semi-committed to?

We get that feeling a lot, and we’re pretty sure having a luxuriously comfortable Millbrook Bed sat waiting for us upstairs is a big part of the reason why.

Don’t get us wrong, some nights out put up stiff competition for an early night – few people would ever pass up the opportunity to see a favourite band perform, to watch the latest instalment in a long-running saga such as the Marvel or Star Wars films or to meet up with friends who are easy to be around. Other nights out put up far less competition against the appeal of an early night – accompanying friends or loved ones to the cinema to see a film you already know isn’t your cuppa, any kind of shopping (pseudo) party or a get together with friends that have a tendency towards negativity.

Letting people down is never an easy equation, but every now and again we need to let ourselves off the hook and unashamedly tell people that – for whatever reason – we just need a night in. You never know, it might be just the excuse they’re looking for to do the very same thing!

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