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Buy time

When it comes to consumer behaviour, it’s beginning to feel like we’ve come full circle. 

In years gone by older generations were less concerned with aesthetics in their consumer habits and more concerned with quality and value for money. To some extent, consumers came away from this way of thinking to value the aesthetic and the freedom to change this aesthetic frequently – meaning there was a shift to cheaper ‘throwaway’ products that didn’t have to be built to last, because people didn’t necessarily want them to.

Thankfully a move towards a more sustainable psyche has seen us come back full circle. With the majority of consumers wanting to buy less over time and to buy sustainably made products, it’s also had the effect of bringing quality back to the fore.

At Millbrook Beds our mattresses are made to last 10 years or more. Handmade using traditional craftsmanship techniques, this attention to the detail and finishing of each mattress means that our products are truly made to last. Case and point: the intricate process of hand side stitching each mattress not only extends the sleeping area right to the edge of the mattress, it also strengthens the mattress and preserves its shape over time.

To buy even more time for your mattress, and because natural fillings settle over time, we recommend a care regime of turning and rotating our double sided mattresses to keep them in prestige condition.

Millbrook Beds, buy better and buy more hours of #perfectsleep.