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Can’t come soon enough

You’ve begun your advent calendars, but there’s little that can be done to speed up the process of opening those cardboard doors one by one to make Christmas come any sooner. #perfectsleep on the other hand? Well, that can be yours much sooner than you think…

Visit and ask our retail partners about Millbrook Fasttrack and discover mattresses that can be delivered to your home in just 48 hours! After all, once you’ve tried one of our beds in their showrooms, why would you want to wait longer than you need to to have #perfectsleep each and every night?

Luxury need not wait. Our sumptuous Majestic 5000 and Grandeur 10000 handmade mattresses are both available in king size standard comfort for 48hr delivery with our exclusive Millbrook Fasttrack service.

Christmas can wait it out a bit yet and certainly there’s plenty of jobs we’re happily now putting off until new year, but there’s never a good enough reason to put off your sleep needs and now’s as good a time as any to treat yourself whilst you’re taking care of the business of treating others too.

Want #perfectsleep? In our minds, it can’t come soon enough…