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Do you ever find yourself getting annoyed with people who are careless?

Depending on your tolerance levels, you may find yourself surrounded by rich pickings to feel irritable with people who…

Put drinks in silly places only to get knocked over…

Who don’t look behind them when they’re reversing….

Or perhaps who are careless with other’s feelings.

Like so many things, it’s often only in the absence of care that we realise how important it is. It’s a similar story for sleep – we often only realise how beneficial our sleep is when we’re experiencing poor sleep.

At Millbrook Beds, caring about your sleep is what we do.

We care about your comfort, so we make each and every mattress by hand. 

We care about the lifespan of your mattress, so we hand side stitch every mattress for added strength and durability.

We care about the quality of your sleep, so we use some of the finest natural fillings available to ensure your mattress and your body breathe easily at nighttime – and you can remain asleep.

We care about the world around us, so we use wood from sustainable forests, locally sourced Hampshire wool and we’re the only U.K. bed manufacturer to use only home grown English Cotton.

If you’re a person that cares about the big things and the small details in life, you’ll find yourself in good company with us because we care about these same things too.