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Cherry on top

Who doesn’t love a cherry on top? 

It’s like finding a box of chocolates on your luxury hotel room pillow or receiving an unexpected discount on those coveted shoes at the checkout – you were already pretty happy to be staying in that hotel and buying those shoes – but the chocolates and discount were definitely the cherries on top.

When it comes to our luxurious Pillowtop Collection by Millbrook Beds, there’s a little ‘cherry on top’ for your sleep comfort. 

Available in three spring count models featuring up to 6000 individually hand nested pocket springs, each Pillowtop mattress combines layers of full size pocket springs with body contouring smaller comfort pocket springs to create the unique pocket sprung support for your neck and spine.

Sumptuous mattress fillings in the Pillowtop Collection include English Fine Cotton and locally sourced Hampshire Wool combined with luxurious layers of silk and cashgora. And as if that weren’t enough, for the cherry on top, each mattress from the Pillowtop Collection features a luxurious Tencel knitted cover.

So why settle for plain vanilla when you can have a cherry on top? When only #perfectsleep will do, choose Millbrook Beds.