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Chink in the armour

Whether you’re a fan of Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, Ed Stafford or another explorer, watching their dare-devil pursuits as they survive in extreme conditions captivates and inspires us in equal measure.

We see these survivalists sleeping up trees to avoid predators or in animal carcasses for protection again the elements and can’t deny there’s something primal and elemental about sleeping in the wild. 

But it’s also true to say that often the only time you see a snippet of vulnerability in their tough guy personas is when they bed down for a night in the wild. Notice – even attempting sleep in the most inhospitable conditions – none of them attempt to deny their bodies of sleep. Instead they recognise sleep as much-needed physical and mental armour in the context of their extreme challenge; to go without sleep would put in a chink in the armour that could undermine their whole mission.

However wild life gets, don’t try and battle it without sleep – even life’s toughest survivors don’t do that. Whatever life’s challenges, keep your physical and mental armour in place by keeping sleep a priority.

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