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Cloud nine

It’s funny how much of the sleep-related chatter in the media merely focuses on whether we sleep or we don’t sleep – the quality of our sleep rarely seems to factor.

It got us to thinking about cloud nine because, when it comes to sleep, it feels like everyone’s cloud nine would look very different. So, if you could take your sleep to cloud nine, what would yours be like?

Would it be as simple as more is more… to have the ability to sleep undisturbed for longer?

Would it be falling asleep more easily without the need for sleep aids?

Or maybe, for you, cloud nine would be a deeper sleep satisfaction? Waking up feeling refreshed and without relying on caffeine for the energy to make it through the day.

If these cloud nines sound like yours, with #perfectsleep, cloud nine could be closer than you think. Night after night, sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress (or not sleeping as the case may be) gradually erodes the quality of our sleep. It’s time to bring it back.

With Millbrook Beds, our ranges of pocket sprung mattresses and beds are all handmade using over 70 years of bed making know-how and naturally luxurious fillings. For better sleep quality, why settle for anything less than #perfectsleep.