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Colour me happy, part II

This week at Millbrook Beds we’ve been giving some thought to whether colour can really make us happy, or sad for that matter. Thinking about colour psychology (see part I) we’ve been reminding ourselves of the mysteriously powerful impact colour has on our mood and behaviour and how this is often leveraged by retailers and in advertising.

All this thinking has also reminded us how important it is to give careful thought to the way we use colour in our homes, especially in our bedrooms. 

As much love as you may have for reds and their associations with passion and strength, as the most exciting and invigorating colour on the spectrum, reds and even oranges aren’t the best colour palette for your bedroom.

That said, while there is an undeniable sense of colour psychology, our individuality means we can have different colour needs in our bedrooms. For instance, if we struggle to de-stress as bedtime nears, a green colour palette that’s soothing and evokes a sense of freshness and health would be a good choice. If you struggle with feelings of anxiety, safe, secure and calming blues might be a good place to start. You get the drift…

With headboard and divan fabrics available in a wide choice of colours, whatever your ideal colour bedroom palette, thankfully Millbrook Beds can hand-make a bed to blend or coordinate to colour you happy.

Browse our colour swatches online now and choose from over 60 colours to adorn the luxurious handmade divan and headboard for your new Millbrook Bed.