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Counting sheep

Ever find yourself taking those few too many minutes to arrive in the land of nod? If so, this video might be for you…


While there’s no counting involved, no fences and no jumping, the sheep in this video still have the mesmeric capability to lull us into a relaxed state. And the relationship between sheep and our sleep doesn’t end there.

Wool plays a hugely important role in the making of a quality bed, in fact there is no man-made equivalent that can do the job as well. Naturally soft and responsive, wool effortlessly recovers its shape, making it ideal for our luxury mattresses. The construction of wool also means it breathes far better than any synthetic material. Therefore using wool in our handmade mattresses enables you to feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter months.

Count them if you want, but it seems the facts and figures are all there. When it comes to sleep, sheep are our friends.

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