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Covet comfort

What sort of things are near the top of your most coveted list?

That gorgeous pair of shoes that you admired on a friend of a friend? 

That chic sofa that you’re keeping everything crossed in hope it’ll go on sale?

That nippy sports car that’s always been a dream of yours?

Even when it comes to our ‘dream’ purchases, it’s funny how quickly the things we covet lose their appeal if they don’t live up to our comfort expectations. While factors like styling, colour and brand appeal attract us, our base line assumption is always that something will fulfil our comfort needs, but there we can be disappointed.

So when those gorgeous pair of shoes blister you, when you find your stylised sofa isn’t deep enough to snuggle into and when you find yourself with backache after spending more than half hour at the wheel of your new car, you’ll quickly forget all the reasons you fell in love with those shiny things as those weeks, months or years of coveting said items evaporate to leave only buyers remorse.

Comfort is king in our lives so, instead of placing too high a value on superficial factors, let’s covet comfort. And nowhere is comfort more important than in your bedroom.

At Millbrook Beds, we’ve been in the business of sublime comfort for over 70 years now. Our ranges of handmade mattresses and beds are gorgeous and covetable from the inside out – browse them online now or in the showroom of a quality furniture store near you.