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Create your very own sleep sanctuary 

A place of sanctuary is a very special place we can come to to find escape, to recover and to restore ourselves.

With our increasing awareness of what it takes to live ‘well’ in a hectic modern world, we know how important this sense of safe space and downtime is to our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. So, this week at Millbrook Beds we’re changing the way we think about our bedrooms and transforming them into sleep sanctuaries – here’s how.

To sleep well, as a minimum our bedrooms should be cool, dark and quiet. But to take things to the next level of sanctuary we can think about the following five things:

Calming colours and decor

Edgy furnishings, clashing colours and bold prints may scream style, but they might scream a little too loudly in a place where you want things to quieten down. Think about what colours, textures and prints you find calming and soothing and incorporate them into your bedroom.

Low tech

You’ve heard it enough times, there’s no point creating a calming bedroom environment and then using it to catch up on emails. Try and introduce a spa-etiquette to your bedroom, no phones or laptops, just relaxation.

Clutter free

Cluttered spaces don’t help cluttered minds. Declutter. It’s as simple as that.

Fresh and fragrant

Plants, flowers, candles and essential oils can all enhance the relaxing effect of the room so make use of them according to your own taste.

Ultimate comfort 

Surely this is the goal and the ultimate point of a sleep sanctuary? Ultimate comfort begins and ends with a bed worthy of this description.

Find luxury mattresses and beds handmade using master craftsmanship that offer ultimate comfort when you choose Millbrook Beds. Shop our range online or in a quality furniture retailer near you and find something special to complete your sleep sanctuary.