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Creatures of habit

Aren’t we just that…

Our habits form a huge part of our identity, from our social habits to the habits we have when the world isn’t watching. Whether it’s our eating habits, our exercise habits or our work life habits, for most of us our days tend to revolve around a system of routines we’ve built up that help us to feel comfortable in the way we live our lives and secure about the world we live in – until recently.

Numerous self help guides are popping up online and in the media to help a self isolating population develop routines that will support our mental and physical wellbeing during this time when life can’t simply carry on ‘as normal’.

And, when we think about the fact that we obviously find a level of psychological comfort in doing roughly the same things at roughly the same times of day, it stands to reason why having the same habits near bedtime is also beneficial to our sleep.

After giving yourself a comfortable bed in which to sleep, having a positive bedtime routine is one of the most important things you can do to benefit your sleep and – thankfully – it’s one of few habits that we ought to be able to maintain during this time.

So creatures of habit, in a world where lots has had to change lately, hold on to the familiarity of your bedtime routine and treasure the benefits of #perfectsleep with Millbrook Beds.