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It’s not big news that January can be a time for reflection but the beginning of a new decade in 2020 seems to have felt particularly significant to a lot of people this time around. Conversations on and offline have reflected back on where our lives were 10 years ago, and inevitably speculate on what the next 10 years will bring.

We tend to think of the ‘big’ changes to come as relating to which children will have grown up and flown the nest in the next 10 years, which elderly people may sadly not be with us anymore or similar milestone events in our lives that are beyond our control. But, big changes can also be those we choose in the commitments we make and the things we consciously invest in.

Fast forward 10 years and think what an investment positive sleep really is to your emotional, mental and physical health – it’s pretty big – likewise are the potential consequences of poor sleep over the course of a decade.

So, let’s make this next decade the decade of sleep decade-ence by investing in #perfectsleep. Handcrafted using layer upon layer of individually nested pocket springs, the finest soft natural fillings and with quality finishes such as traditional hand side stitching, a Millbrook Bed may feel decadent, but it’s actually everything you need and deserve for your sleep in the next 10 years.