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Decadent doze

When we think of something truly decadent, we tend to think of things that are more luxurious than we need – like that seven layer chocolate gateau enrobed in edible gold or those stiletto shoes encrusted with real diamonds! While we love the idea of treating ourselves, things like these are so decadent that – even if we could afford them – they may put our social conscience to vigorous test.

However treating ourselves on an everyday level is important too. In a world that can seem to become less and less kind, we not only need to be conscious about being kind to others – we need to be conscious about being kind to ourselves too.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy a little guilt-free decadence in our lives is by combining something luxury (that we may not need) with something we need very much in our lives – like sleep.

If you’re seeking a more decadent way to doze, our Perfect 7000 mattress from Millbrook Beds is the ultimate in sleep indulgence. Not surprisingly the Perfect 7000 gets its name from its 7000 pocket springs that, together with the finest fillings, provide other-level comfort.

Sounds decadent doesn’t it? But we’re not finished there. Next, choose an option for an elegant divan base equipped with flush fit storage and then a luxurious deep buttoned velvet headboard in a colour to coordinate with your bedroom style. Now, to us, that sounds like a decadent way to doze off at night.