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Easter is around the corner and that means there’s probably a good number of people out there who have given up chocolate for Lent but, this year, the British Heart Foundation is also asking the nation to ditch chocolate for the month of March.

A month long nationwide campaign, Dechox is a challenge to give up chocolate throughout March. By taking part you can not only vanquish your chocoholic ways with the help of tempting chocolate-free recipes, snack swaps and survival tips to get you through, but you can also help raise valuable funds to help the British Heart Foundation’s important work.

And, if you’re having a go at giving up chocolate this month (either for Dechox or for Lent) as well as the obvious health benefits associated with your challenge, you may well find your challenge has unexpected benefits for your sleep too. Rich both in calories and caffeine, chocolate is far from an ideal bedtime snack. With some darker varieties including espresso in their recipes, chocolate can even act as a stimulant that can increase sleeplessness.

All the more reason in our minds to get involved in the British Heart Foundation’s campaign! Find out how to take part here: https://www.bhf.org.uk/how-you-can-help/fundraise/dechox