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Designed by you

There’s a turn of expression about being ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’ to liken our excitement at being able to pick out something special.

And it’s funny how getting to design our bag of sweets exactly as we want it to be is often the special bit, more so than the sweets themselves. We can choose to put as few cola bottles or as many as we’d like, we can fill 99% of the bag with foam shrimps or have one of every penny sweet in the shop… because we’re choosing. And that bag of sweets is just for us.

At Millbrook Beds, we understand that being in charge of designing something personal to us is special and, because all of our beds and mattresses are handmade, we invite you to be part of the design team for your new luxury bed.

Choose from a range of quality fabrics in rich colours and luxurious finishes for your divan base and headboard. Choose from a wide range of spring counts and, then, once you’ve tried one of our beds, select the comfort choice that’s right for you. Choose whether to have flush fit storage built into your divan base. 

Next time you’re looking for a new bed, don’t settle for less than the excitement of being a kid in a sweet shop. And don’t settle for flumps when it’s white chocolate mice you really want – choose from a range of personalised options to design the bed that’s special to you.