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Desperate measures 

Callous though it may be, few things are less appealing than the whiff of desperation.

Think of the kid that pushes ahead at the children’s birthday party for the first slice of cake, the middle aged woman wearing clothes designed with teenagers in mind, the guy at the bar who doesn’t let the ladies even take their coats off before sidling up to them with his cheesy one-liner. The truth is that sometimes, the more we want something – be it youthfulness, romance or whatever it is that feels out of reach – the more illusive it becomes.

Anyone who’s had a brush with insomnia will know that sleep can be the epitome of this frustrating conundrum. Fixating on our desire to fall asleep is never the best tactic for a fast-track entry to the land of nod.

If you’ve been desperately seeking sleep by going to bed earlier and earlier, obsessively analysing the nighttime data from your activity tracker and fastidiously blocking out any flecks of light from your bedroom, it might be time to dial down the desperation and dial up the relaxation.

In the same way we can’t fall asleep mid-run, we can’t fall asleep easily when we’re stressed because sleep is the opposite state to stress and therefore sleep demands relaxation.

So relax….it’s something we seem to have lost the instinct to do. Create a peaceful, tech and stress-free evening routine and choose a quality mattress that – once you’ve relaxed your mind – will take the strain from your body too.

With high specification pocket sprung support, you’ll find handmade beds and mattresses expertly equipped for your sleep needs so you can relax.