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Not everyone goes in for the details.

One person’s joy in exploring the intricate layers of meaning in a novel, is another person’s idea of watching paint dry. One person’s relaxing cross-stitch hobby is anything but relaxing to the next person. One person’s aptitude for reading detailed contracts is another person’s idea of extreme stress.

And it’s good that our world is full of different people, each good at different things. Variety is the spice of life and we need people who are skilled at looking at things in close detail, as well as those whose skills lie in ‘bigger picture’ tasks.

Although it might not seem like it, details matter to the way we sleep. Get them right and sleep gives us everything we need to live our lives to the full. Get the details wrong and you’ll find yourself somewhere between a sluggish feeling and a princess and a pea!

At Millbrook Beds we’re good at the details. This is in part because we’ve had so many years of practice in what we do and also because of our commitment to the detailed and craftsmanship techniques that are uncompromising on quality – such as the traditional hand side stitching of each mattress. In fact, these details are so important to us, it’s why we take care of them by hand.

Whether you’re a details person or not, you can trust Millbrook Beds to take care of the sleep details on your behalf.