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Do your research

We live in a world where we try our wine before drinking the full bottle.

We sample our cheese before ordering a bigger piece from the deli.

We try on our jeans and we test drive our cars before we buy them.

We consider ourselves to be savvy consumers and we wouldn’t knowingly purchase high value items that might not suit our palette, style or comfort.

So why (oh why!) do people buy mattresses without trying them out first? We have no idea.

Unlike the couple of hours you’ll spend drinking the wine you sampled or the few days you’ll spend nibbling at the cheese you tried, you’ll probably spend a minimum of 23,000 hours sleeping on your mattress. Worth checking it’s comfy and right for you, don’t you think?

Here at Millbrook Beds, our luxury pocket sprung mattresses are designed with your comfort in mind. To achieve this, we create a wide range of mattresses offering different spring count options with different filling combinations so you can find your #perfectsleep fit. What’s more, when you’ve found the mattress that’s right for you, you can tailor the mattress size and comfort level to suit your size, weight and personal choice.

#perfectsleep is perfectly possible with a little research. Visit one of our carefully chosen quality independent stockists in a location near you where you’ll find expert advice and can try before your buy.