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Double down

When it comes to sleeping in hay fever season, there’s a bombardment of pollen-defying advice. But amongst the myriad of advice, two simple principles stand out as logical and effective:

  1. Keep pollen out of your bedroom

Depending on the severity of your hay fever symptoms, this could be as simple as washing your face and hands before going to bed, to keeping windows closed and using air conditioning units to cool your room. It could even mean drying your bed linen indoors after laundering, away from pollen sources.

If hay fever is a particular problem for you at night and affects your sleep, these are logical steps to avoid aggravating your symptoms. What these steps don’t account for though is, if you’ve been out and about all day, your histamine levels would already be pretty high and causing you some discomfort as you try and settle for sleep. Ipso facto, the second logical principle applies:

2. Treatment 

If your hay fever symptoms are affecting you to the point that you can’t sleep and you’re not currently seeking treatment, then you need to. Or, if you’re using a treatment for hay fever but your symptoms are affecting you to the point that you can’t sleep, your treatment method isn’t working and you need to consult your GP or pharmacist as appropriate.

Double down on your approach to sleeping with allergies and get back to enjoying pillow time in the comfort of your Millbrook Bed.