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Down the road

At Millbrook Beds we’re proud of our downy soft and luxurious recipe for #perfectsleep, and a star ingredient in the list of fillings we use to create this comes from just down the road.

Down the road to us in Hampshire is the South Downs which is a beautiful area that offers picturesque scenery and – fortuitously – perfect conditions for the locally reared sheep that graze there to produce a fabulous quality fleece.

The milder Hampshire climate combined with access to good supplies of food means that the downland sheep breeds of Hampshire grazing the South Downs are able to put more of their energy into growing their fleece. As such, their fleece tends be be fuller and bulkier when compared to sheep reared in other parts of the country.

So it seems, when it comes to finding the best things, we don’t always need to look that far away.

Taking full advantage of the special characteristics of this wool, 100% fleece Hampshire Wool grown in our own county has been specially selected to make Millbrook Beds to help make the #perfectsleep we deliver to you that bit more perfect.

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