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Dr Feelgood

Back in the day, self-care felt something akin to self actualisation – it was something we aspired to, something we knew was good for us, but nonetheless something we seldom got around to.

But with everything that we learned last year and with everything we know we have to contend with in the coming weeks and months, self care has never been higher on the agenda.

And, yes, self care can be about small things to cheer ourselves up, making ourselves a comforting mug of hot chocolate, setting up a family movie night with all the trimmings or giving ourselves a beauty treatment. Better still however, are the self-care routines that contribute to our wellbeing.

In a world where almost everything has changed, the things that contribute to our wellbeing haven’t. Eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and taking regular exercise not only has benefits for your physical and your mental wellbeing, they also help facilitate wellbeing essential #3 – your sleep.

Focus on feeling good this January from the inside out by prescribing yourself the three basic ingredients for wellbeing and enjoy #perfectsleep all year round with Millbrook Beds.