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Earn your stripes

Some people can somehow seem to be born confident. Never to be plagued by doubt, self consciousness or seemingly with a single worry gene to their name, these are the people we’re often unconsciously drawn to and whose unburdened sense of style turns heads.

For the rest of us, it can take a bit longer to develop our confidence and we may take a few wrong turns and detours as we earn our style stripes and arrive in a place where we feel bolder about choosing what we like.

If you’re someone looking to make bolder style choices, earn your style stripes with a standout style statement even as you sleep…

———- insert image of bed with gq stripe ———-

Our limited edition GQ stripe design was borne out of some work we did with GQ Magazine and we loved it so much we’ve extended its run.

Available in three bold toned stripes – Raspberry Stripe, Kingfisher Stripe and Aubergine Stripe – make a statement in your bedroom with the GQ Stripe with Millbrook Beds.