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Endless style combinations 

When you see something you love the look of while browsing for new clothes, are you someone who buys the outfit as styled by the retailer or who likes to style and ‘merchandise’ the look a’ la Carrie Bradshaw?

If you’re someone who finds joy in finding uniquely beautiful things and then finding unique style combinations to make them more beautiful and unique still, you’re in luck.

At Millbrook Beds, we make uniquely beautiful beds, mattresses and headboards, each individually handcrafted in a technique we’ve been perfecting for almost 75 years. Because each of these items is individually handmade, they can be customised to fit your style.

That means each of 12 iconic headboard designs can be hand-upholstered in a choice of over 60 luxurious fabrics in an array of colours. That’s over 700 possible style combinations before you even begin to factor in the practical choices of divan storage combinations and, albeit unseen, the most important choice of all – the comfort level for your luxury mattress.

Find something uniquely beautiful, something styled by you and something beautifully comfortable when you choose Millbrook Beds.