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These days things don’t always need to be broken to get a little ‘fix’ here and there.

We routinely give little fixes here and there to enhance our homes, our lifestyles and an increasing number of people like a little cosmetic enhancement here and there for their faces and bodies too.

But when it comes to sleep we can be a little slower to recognise the need for fixes – while there may be no obvious problem with your sleep, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little enhancement. And, unlike cosmetic enhancements, the positive benefits to these sleep fixes will far outlast a botox injection.

What could a sleep fix look like for you?

“I sleep soundly through the night, but it takes me a little while to fall asleep.” 

Try monitoring and cutting down caffeine or switching your exercise routine to exercise earlier in the day to shave off those few extra minutes it takes you to fall asleep.

“I don’t struggle to fall asleep, but I wake up most nights needing the loo or feeling thirsty.” 

Try monitoring and possibly reducing the number of diuretic drinks you have and, if you drink alcohol, you might benefit from reducing alcohol intake during evening to prevent nighttime waking (and dehydration).

“I fall asleep easily and sleep for eight hours, but I still wake up feeling weary.”

General sleep dissatisfaction is a classic but often mis-read sign that your bed or mattress isn’t providing the comfort you need to sleep well.

Replacing and upgrading the quality of a mattress or bed is a sleep fix you might not have realised you needed, but could enhance your sleep for years to come.