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Ever had a bedgasm?

Yes, according to the authority that is the World Wide Web, a bedgasm is a thing. But what is it?

A bedgasm supposedly describes that moment of euphoria when you get into bed after a particularly long or exhausting day.

We all know that feeling when you’ve been longing for your bed all day and find yourself counting down the moments as soon as you get home from work, zipping through chores and rushing the kids into bed early, so that you yourself can clamber beneath the sheets. Thankfully not every day – but definitely some days – going to bed can feel like the best moment of our day.

And while the term bedgasm is a bit of fun, the joy that the simple act of getting into bed can bring us when we’re physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted points to the significance of a good bed as a ritual in our daily lives. After all, we have to feel that it would be much harder to achieve a bedgasm in a lumpy or uncomfortable mattress!

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