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Everyone’s invited

No more bubbles, no more restricting the number of households, no more rules of six…this Christmas everyone’s invited.

Together-ness is a big focus for this year’s festivities, for some people overtaking the importance of the traditions they once held dear. Celebrating getting together again has become the central theme of the celebrations, because we never could’ve realised how important that crowded house at Christmas was to us until the crowd had to stay at home.

If you’re making space for extra-special houseguests again this Christmas, make your time together all-the-more enjoyable and their stay all-the-more special by giving them a comfortable bed to sleep in.

All too often, guest bedrooms are home to the oldest, lumpiest mattresses in the house. But, with mattress ranges from Millbrook Beds to suit a range of budgets, #perfectsleep comfort is possible in every bedroom of the house.

Browse our ranges of handmade mattresses available in a choice of sizes and comfort levels, and – if everyone’s invited this Christmas – make sure it’s the best Christmas ever with cosy sleep comfort on offer in every bedroom of the house.