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Familiar bugbear

In spite of the fact that so much in life has changed of late, some of the same old bugbears are still here to accompany us, even in lockdown – hay fever being one of them.

Poorly understood by those that haven’t experienced its seasonal snare, hay fever can be a misery effecting both waking and sleeping hours. And the latter can be especially unbearable as, when we become tired, we become increasingly susceptible to hay fever symptoms causing them to be at their worst just as we’re trying to sleep.

Here at Millbrook Beds we have four suggestions to help alleviate the familiar bugbear of hay fever as bedtime nears:


If your bedroom gets the sun, try keeping the curtains closed as a means to keep it cool rather than opening windows and inviting pollen into your bedroom.


If your hay fever is especially severe, try to launder bed linens frequently and dry them inside.


Switch your morning shower for a bedtime one, washing your face thoroughly as a minimum.


Keep hay fever controlled with a regular remedy (their effectiveness is often cumulative so you won’t always see results taking them haphazardly) and, to minimise the side effect of drowsiness by day, take hay fever remedies at bedtime.