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Feel your age

Don’t we just love it when friends and family members ascribe our aches and pains to the possibility that we’re just ‘feeling our age’?

If you prefer to turn a blind eye to the ageing process you’re not alone. After all, who wants to be told they look older? After all, even if we do, what’s to be gained by dwelling on it…other than more grey hairs?

But if you regularly wake up feeling stiff, achy and lacking energy there could be an age factor that you’re not considering – the age of your mattress.

According to research from The Sleep Council up to 29% of the population are sleeping on a mattress that is more than seven years old*. This may not sound significant, but when you consider that more than a quarter of Brits (26%) sleep in an uncomfortable bed and that 30% of the population report sleeping poorly most nights – it’s hard not to notice similarities in these percentages.

So if you’d prefer to do all you can not to feel your age, why feel the age of your mattress?

Feeling dissatisfied with your sleep is one of several telltale signs that your mattress is past it’s best. If you’re feeling like this and your mattress is more than seven years old then you could well be you’re feeling it’s age (not yours!). Shop for #perfectsleep comfort now at Millbrook Beds.

* Source: The Great British Bedtime Report 2017 by The Sleep Council