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Festive frenzy

So Christmas is almost here and, for most of us, we’re now fully whipped up into a festive frenzy taller than the whipped cream adorning our gingerbread lattes.

But what might be a hectic but essentially enjoyable time in one home, can be something much harder to contend with in the next. We all have a different capacity for stress and – for families already under pressure – the truth is that Christmas (and all that goes along with it) can just feel too much.

Managing festive stress is no different really to managing stress at any other time of the year. Taking time to yourself, practicing breathing, eating well and sleeping are all crucial ingredients to keeping our minds and bodies functioning well and coping with added pressure when it comes along. This sounds simplistic, but in the face of a longer than usual to-do list, Christmas party nights and pre-Christmas crash diets…it’s easy to see how our wellbeing gets whipped up in all the festive frenzy too.

This Christmas, relish in the indulgence of the whipped topping to your Christmas flavoured latte but, by keeping your sleep and wellbeing high on the agenda, avoid getting whipped up into a ferocious festive frenzy.