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Fill up on sleep

You don’t need to do much reading up on the effects of poor sleep to come across an abundance of articles and research citing a link between poor sleep and poor eating habits. It seems our desire to fill up on junk food isn’t always solely to do with a predominance of fast food advertising or a lack of self control, it may also have something to do with a lacking in another area – positive sleep.

So – instead of filling up on fatty foods, sugar and carbs that send us soaring high before the inevitable crash and instead our filling our headspace with the latest fad diet – let’s first have a go at filling up on sleep.

If you’re hungry for better sleep, our recipe for #perfectsleep could be just the tempting dish you’ve been looking for.

Layers of individually nested pocket springs…

Topped with sumptuous layers of fine natural fillings…

Enveloped in a crisp and smooth Egyptian cotton cover…

O course our mattresses aren’t actually edible. But, as with all things deliciously nutritious, our recipe for sleep looks as appetising as the experience feels and, crucially, it’s a recipe that leaves you feeling satisfied.

So instead of continually filling our faces with comfort food to compensate ourselves for the fact we don’t feel good after yet another poor night’s sleep, let’s fill up on sleep with Millbrook Beds.