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Find your balance

Are you among the fortunate for whom life in lockdown had the unexpected benefit of helping you regain some balance in life? If so, don’t let it go again. The cogs are most definitely starting to whirr and life is beginning to speed up again, but it’s in our hands to make sure it doesn’t send us into a dizzying spin.

Sleep is an important part of keeping life in balance, helping to regulate our physical and mental wellbeing. If we regularly don’t get enough sleep – a state that fairly well characterises life out of balance – our bodies and minds feel sluggish and we can soon find ourselves counting down to our next caffeine fix for energy or reaching for the biscuit tin.

Finding your balance is even easier with a handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds. Our luxurious mattresses are pocket sprung to offer unique and reactive support for your neck and spine – keeping your neck and spine in perfect balance all night long.

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