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Firm belief

When shopping for a new mattress, a good number of shoppers hold on firm to the belief that they experience back ache because their mattress isn’t firm enough. Ipso facto, when they head out shopping, they come with a resolute mindset to buy the firmest mattress available.

The myth around firm comfort mattresses is an enduring one. However the truth is that, while firm mattresses are right for some people, the majority of people don’t need a firm mattress – what they actually need is a mattress that provides better support. 

A mattress comfort level is a personal choice and, in truth, has as much to do with weight as it does with your own comfort preference. The more you weigh, the firmer support your mattress will need to provide and – vice versa – the less you weigh, the more uncomfortable you’ll find a firm mattress.

As for back ache, if your mattress is poor quality or needs replacing with age, it’s unlikely to be providing you with the support your neck and spine needs and it could therefore be a contributing factor to back pain. Choosing a quality pocket sprung mattress offers enhanced support as individually nested pocket springs move independently from one another, meaning they shape support to the individual curves and contours of your neck and spine.

At Millbrook Beds our quality handmade pocket sprung mattresses come in a choice of soft, medium and firm comfort levels. When it comes to comfort, the choice is yours – but do make it an informed choice. Don’t be fooled by the firm mattress myth, put our mattresses to the pressure test in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you now* and choose the right comfort for you.

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