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First love

Your bedroom is the most special room in your home. 

Your personal sanctuary, your bedroom is a private space away from the gaze of the world where you can be yourself – it’s also the place where you restore your physical and emotional strength each night in restful sleep.

But, looking at your bedroom, would you know it’s your first love in your home?

It’s funny how our most treasured space can be the space in our home where we invest the least. That same privacy we value in our bedroom can also mean we don’t spend money on a room that’s just for us, choosing instead to spend on furniture and decor in areas more visible to guests.

Well this is the year that our homes stopped being show homes. Indoor entertaining in 2020 has been a brief rarity for most areas in the UK and – combined with a mindset to reprioritise our lives around things that really matter – it feels like now is the time also to invest in the things that matter: your sleep.

If you love your bedroom (and your sleep), show it some love with a luxury handmade mattress or bed from Millbrook Beds. Handcrafted in England, our #perfectsleep approach means we combine the finest natural fillings and pocket sprung comfort to keep the love between you and your sleep going strong.