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Fit to drop, part II

This week is National Workouts and Wellbeing Week (read more details in part I or on the event websitehttps://www.anytimefitness.co.uk/nationalweek/) and so, naturally, we’re thinking about how exercise is part of a recipe for positive sleep.

And recipe is a good word to describe this. There’s lots of ingredients that go into the recipe for positive sleep and wellbeing for that matter: positive nutrition, exercise, relaxation and stress management and, of course, sleep comfort – it’s also a symbiotic recipe whereby each ingredient relies upon the others to produce the right result.

Here at Millbrook Beds we’ve known about this recipe for some time and it’s one of the reasons why two years ago we partnered with global technology brand Garmin to provide each of our customers buying a mattress from our Perfect Sleep collection with a Garmin vívosmart® 3 to support their efforts to live healthy and active lifestyles.

So now you can get fit to drop asleep easily as you record positive steps towards improving your wellbeing with your Garmin vívosmart® 3, just one of the many positive sleep benefits on offer when you choose a mattress or bed from our Perfect Sleep collection at Millbrook Beds.