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For the time being…and then what?

For many families, lockdown has presented an unexpected and unique opportunity to get back to basics.

For the time being, people are spending more time as a family unit, occupying their time with simpler pastimes, exercising regularly, even rediscovering the pleasure of cooking from scratch. Circumstance and necessity have enforced changes in our lives and, although only for the time being, people seem to be noticing the positive effects of these changes on their wellbeing.

After some initial nights feeling anxious, maybe you can even subsequently add sleep to your list of unexpected effects in lockdown?

Eating well, exercising, cutting out all the unnecessary things you do in a day…slowing down, reducing our reliance on caffeine to keep the treadmill of our day running, reducing our reliance on alcohol to make it stop. It’s strange how easily we can recognise these factors for what they are with the benefit of time and distance.

Naturally people’s minds and conversations are now beginning to imagine what life might look like beyond lockdown. So, after this ‘time being’ has ended, let’s take what we can from this experience and avoid jumping back on the poor sleep treadmill.