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Forget me nots

It’s the month of forget me nots. As one of the signature flowers of September, forget me nots are an aptly-named reminder of the changing season.

There’s lots to remember as September comes around, this September especially. With September being the most popular birth month, there’s plenty of birthdays to remember come September! And for parents and children who’ve not been to school since March, there’s a fair bit to remember in getting back to normal and, indeed, learning guidelines that signify the ‘new normal’.

In amongst so many other things to remember, it’s easy to forget that poor sleep can equate to poor memory.

The effects of poor sleep have a double whammy effect on our memory. Firstly, poor sleep can affect our concentration, compromising our ability to learn. However, on top of that, poor sleep  also affects recall, making it much harder for us to consolidate something new into something ‘learned’.

Looking after our sleep is about so much more than not feeling tired. More and more, scientists are learning that positive sleep is key to our long term health and wellbeing.

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